We believe in compassion,
collaboration, and
equal access to exceptional legal services.

Mission Statement:

At Solutions Law Firm & Mediation Services we believe that all people deserve equal access to our justice system as well as zealous, compassionate advocacy from a knowledgeable attorney. It is Our Mission to provide just that; regardless of the background or previous experiences of our clients. Solutions Law Firm & Mediation Services is passionate about people and leading them through the legal complexities that accompany some of life’s most difficult situations. We believe everyone deserves to find happiness, safety and strength in their families and communities. To that end, we offer unparalleled services focused on the integral well-being of the individual, family, and community as a whole. Our attorneys truly listen to each client and develop an individualized plan of advocacy specific to his or her situation and concerns. Through this process we strive to strengthen our community and offer hope to people in trying situations. At Solutions Law Firm, we believe in compassion, collaboration, and equal access to exceptional legal services.

Our Practice Areas:

Immigration Law

We believe in the American dream and that diversity is one of our greatest assets. We advocate for special immigrant juveniles and victims of crime. We fight for families to remain together through family-based immigration petitions, naturalizations, and DACA renewals. We assist employers through the hoops necessary to legally hire foreign workers to perform all types of employment activities. We are fully bilingual and biliterate in English and Spanish, and look forward to helping you in your native language as much as possible.

Family Law

We understand the pain that comes with family disputes and strive to inspire hope and healing for the future. We excel at low-conflict divorces and guardianships where the parties involved are engaged in a positive process focused on individual needs and the best interest of each party. We believe that most family disputes can be resolved without resulting in the total erosion of interpersonal relationships. We purposefully promote a culture of trust and collaboration with every client interaction. 


We are active proponents of many types of alternative dispute resolution and believe that many legal difficulties can be resolved without lengthy and divisive litigation. Our specialty is the facilitation of the mediation process, where parties work through the mediator to effectively communicate their needs related to the issue at hand. The parties take ownership of the situation and determine the outcome for themselves instead of leaving important matters in the hands of the court system.

Unbundled Services

We are passionate about helping people from all demographics gain reliable and expert advice. We understand the intricacies of the law and can provide targeted assistance to help lower the cost of representation. This includes meticulously reviewing legal documents, assisting with case reviews, and filing court documents in the most efficient and cost-effective way. If you can’t afford to retain an attorney for the entirety of your case, or feel competent to represent yourself but would like a 2nd set of eyes for one portion of the process, Solutions Law Firm is here for you! 

Estate Planning

The death or incapacity of a loved one is a difficult time for surviving friends and family, but it is also a time that requires many decisions to be made. Preparing an estate plan allows for people to make these hard decisions now, so that when a death or incapacitation occurs, loved ones are not faced with decisions in a time of grief. Contrary to popular belief, estate planning IS for everyone, regardless of wealth and asset ownership. We offer everything you need, whether single or married, to make decisions for tomorrow today, including legal review, wills, living wills, review of titles and beneficiary designations, and the different types of power of attorneys.

Collaborative Divorce

At Solutions Law Firm we believe that divorce doesn't have to be traumatic. While always difficult, mature adults can work together so that the divorce process can empower the parties to begin the healing process. Focusing on the best interests of the children involved, a collaborative divorce involves the parties and their attorneys working together to achieve the best possible outcome without any painful and contentious litigation in the court room.

Agricultural Law

We are passionate about rural access to justice in Iowa. Agricultural law is complex and our goal is to assist farmers as you navigate the many USDA requirements.

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