When I first left my husband i was broke,2 kids, living in my moms basement. I had nowhere to turn to to get a divorce. Who could afford a 2k down deposit on a lawyer and 200$ a week. And plus extra for their time (outrageous) then dawn reached out to me and sat me down and we figured out the divorce. It was SIGNIFICANTLY less than other lawyers, and it felt more personal. Like i was an actual person not just a paycheck.

The only thing slowing down the process was covid. It was quick, easy, washed hands and am done with it. Will forever reccommend dawn. Thank you so much for giving me an option when i thought i had none.
P. V.
December 2020
Great customer service! Finally I find an immigration lawyer who truly listens to me and is there when I need something done, quick and efficient. I am all about good service and Dawn and Stella offer this and much more.
Dawn was attentive to our needs and did a good job representing us as we prepared our Living Will and POA. She was welcoming, compassionate, knowledgeable, and personalized. It was a straight forward, efficient and organized process.
Quick to make appointment.
S. H.
November 2020
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